Stan Getz on "Wee, a.k.a., Allen's Alley"

Stan Getz was the reason I became interested in studying jazz, and he's still one of my favorite saxophonists of all time. To put it conservatively, probably at least 50% of the melodic material I draw on when playing over standards has come from solos of his I've transcribed.

To my knowledge, Getz didn't record very many rhythm changes tunes over his career, but here's one of them: his solo over "Wee," from For Musicians Only (1958), which is more or less a bebop-era meeting-of-giants-type jam session with Sonny Stitt, Dizzy Gillespie, and Getz. The rhythm section is great, too: Ray Brown, Stan Levey, John Lewis, and Herb Ellis. Here's the transcription: