Banned Jazz Repertoire List, 2012

It is said that "Donna Lee" went to the grave with 1955.
I just saw an entertaining Onion-style article in The Yard, Juilliard's independent student newspaper, called "Juilliard Releases Banned Repertoire List, '12-'13." Of course, I thought it was real at first, but it wouldn't stretch the imagination to think of a Manhattan School of Music or Smalls-style banned repertoire list at this point. Coming up with a blacklist would probably be easiest for saxophonists:

-Inner Urge (especially in 7) 
-Giant Steps/Countdown/26-2 (Liberia and Satellite are cool)
-Donna Lee, under any circumstances
-Cherokee (no faster than a walking ballad or else as a lilting waltz)
-Impressions and other uptempo modal equivalents
-Yes or No (other Wayne tunes are acceptable!)

And probably for everyone else, just "Take Five" and "Chameleon." Did I miss any big ones?


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