Herbie Hancock on "First Trip" + End of "Flirting with Coherence"

After a tumultuous weekend (and an even more extraordinary week), there's not much to do but to keep on with regular life as best as we can. Two weeks ago, I posted Herbie Hancock's solo on "Riot" from Speak Like a Child (1968). At Miguel's urging, I've been working on another solo from the same record, "First Trip," a Ron Carter tune that was also recorded on Joe Henderson's Tetragon (also released in 1968). Here's the solo:

* * * * *

Today marks the last installment of my Crimson Arts column "Flirting with Coherence," which is a brief attempt to diagram the births of major 20th-c. American jazz saxophonists and summarize a few major strains of influence—all in 1300 words. A few friends of mine have already pointed out some contentious points, so I expect to update this and really give it the due diligence it deserves at some point in the future, although I'm satisfied to have a starting point for now.

It's been a good run, I think, and I've had a great time working through some ideas and trying to give voice to stories that have been on my mind for a while:
I. A Brief History of Trolling in the Arts (and Elsewhere)
II. Musical Gluttony and How to Suppress It
III. Play It Like You Mean It: On Joyce and Coltrane
IV. Swing Meanings: Jazz Puns and Miscellanea 
V. 100 Years of Jazz Saxophone