Leadsheet: "Is That So?"

In addition to Victor Lewis's "Hey, It's Me You're Talking To," another tune I've been hearing variously during my time in the city has been Duke Pearson's "Is That So?" The first time I heard it was at The Jazz Gallery a couple weeks ago—before the band arrived
for that night, my friend Albert Baliwas and I were leisurely setting up the room. When we had finished, Albert went to the piano and started playing a simple melody against a cyclical chord progression that vaguely reminded me of a television news intro. As it turns out, what he was playing turned out to be the intro to "Is That So?", which appears on Sweet Honey Bee (1966), as well as a number of other '60s records (like Lee Morgan's The Rajah, also from 1966).

I was lucky to find Honeybuns (1965), a Duke Pearson nonet record, at Princeton Record Exchange the week after hearing Albert play "Is That So?" at the Gallery. The liner notes informed me that "Honeybuns" refers to the nickname that he gave his daughter, who I presume is the lady appearing on the cover of the album. I won't comment on that, but here's a leadsheet I put together for the tune:



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