Favorites of 2021

Not the "best," but simply my favorites from last year:

Films/TV watched:

  • Harakiri
  • Some Kind of Heaven
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Bad Trip
  • Gomorrah (seasons 1-5)
  • Varda by Agnes
  • Berserk (1997)
  • Witches of the Orient
  • Chinatown
  • Mindgame
  • King of New York
  • The Taking of Pelham 123
  • Barry Lyndon
  • Escape from New York
  • Angel's Egg
  • The Conversation
  • Laura
Books read:
  • In the Dream House, Carmen Maria Machado
  • No One is Talking About This, Patricia Lockwood
  • The Free World: Art and Thought in the Cold War, Louis Menand
  • Heaven, Mieko Kawakami
  • Cuba and its Music, Ned Sublette
Shows seen:
  • Jeonglim Yang Quartet with Chet Doxas, Santiago Leibson, and Mark Ferber at Bar Lunatico (June)
  • David Virelles Trio with Matt Brewer and Eric McPherson at The Jazz Gallery (July)
  • Dan Weiss Trio with Thomas Morgan and Jacob Sacks at Bar Lunatico (August)
  • Jerome Sabbagh Trio with Joe Martin and Al Foster at Bar Bayeux (September)
  • Ambrose Akinmusire Quintet with Micah Thomas, Walter Smith III, Matt Brewer, Marcus Gilmore at the Vanguard (October)
  • Tamio Shiraishi at 67th Avenue 'R' Line Mezzanine (October)
  • Jacob Shulman "Connectedness" CD Release at Soapbox Gallery (November)
  • Walter Stinson's Amerarcana with Neta Raanan, Max Light, and Aaron Quinn at Lowlands Bar (December)
Gigs played:
  • Quartet with Evan Main, Walter Stinson, and Steven Crammer at Bar Bayeux (July)
  • Faron Tillson Trio with Dan Pappalardo at Rue B (August)
  • <3 Bird CD Release with Adam O'Farrill, Max Light, Christian Li, Walter Stinson, and Matt Honor at The Jazz Gallery (August)
  • Quartet with Dana Saul, Walter Stinson, and Matt Honor at Lowlands Bar (August)
  • Steven Feifke Big Band at Birdland Jazz Club (September)
  • Quartet ("Clifford Jordan's Glass Bead Games") with Dana Saul, Dan Pappalardo, and Faron Tillson at Lowlands Bar (September)
  • Peter Watrous Quintet at Seesaw's Lodge, Vermont (September)
  • Happy Trio XV with Thomas Morgan and Dan Weiss at Lowlands Bar (October)
  • Kris Monson Trio with Steven Crammer at Cloak Room (October)
  • MONASTIC: Monk's Music with Yuhan Su, Walter Stinson, and Steven Crammer at Lowlands Bar (November)
  • Peter Watrous Quintet with Andrew Boudreau, Simón Willson, and Kayvon Gordon at Bar Bayeux (November)
  • Quintet with Adam O'Farrill, Dana Saul, Walter Stinson, and Matt Honor at Lowlands Bar (December)
Records/songs listened to:
  • These Are My Roots by Clifford Jordan
  • "Speak Low," One Night Stand by Naomi Sakamoto
  • "Kurosawa at Berghain," Visions of Your Other by Adam O'Farrill's Stranger Days
  • "Reptilian," Family Plan by Family Plan
  • Geometry by Christian Li
  • That's My Kick by Erroll Garner
  • "Tea for Two," Gemini by Erroll Garner
  • "Amidst Curses," Signs by Gerald Cleaver
  • "Structural Fire," Interface by Steve Lehman
  • Moonsense by Fishdoll

YouTube videos watched: