Music Video: Depths II

"Depths II," the fifth and final single for The Depths of Memory, is now streaming everywhere

And for the first time, I'm also releasing a music video next Friday, September 29, 2023 to support the release, which was the creative product of my friend Emma. I can't take credit for any of the plot or creative direction here, but I'm really pleased with how it came out and am really grateful for the dedication, creative effort, and physical labor that Emma, Daniel Huang, Grace Tong, and the many others (listed in full below) involved contributed to make this possible. (Vaguely related: 10 years ago, I went to an exhibit at MoMI about music videos, blog post here)

A note from director Emma He:

This is a faithful retelling of the time Kevin Sun got hit by a car, died, and woke up in the purgatory that is Lowlands Bar. Legend has it that he still haunts Lowlands to this day, every Tuesday at the witching hour.


Directed by Emma He

Produced by Maddie McCann

DP: Daniel Huang

Key Grip: Lynn Barbera

Starring Grace Tong, Alex Swader, Hiroka Nagai, Layla Roy, Jeonglim Yang, Hayoung Lyou, Kayvon Gordon, Adam O’Farrill

Kevin Sun playing recorder standing with full music video cast

Close-up of recorder being handed over

Frontal shot of fencer thrusting toward camera

Bar full of demons facing camera

Menacing fencer seen from below standing at top of stairs

Kevin Sun in Lowlands Bar basement seen from top of stairs

Two demons caught in basement in bathroom

Close-up of Kevin's eyes wide in horror

Low angle shot of demon dancer trio in spotlight

Shot of Kevin Sun crouching below bar in spotlight

Spotlit demon dancer trio blowing kisses at camera

Lead demon dancer close-up smiling

Lead demon dancer close-up crying

Wide shot of lead demon dancer beginning dance in bar in dramatic spotlight

Demon dancer in spotlight before starting dance

Close up of Kevin Sun seated at bar

Bird demon and Adam O'Farrill shown seated in mirror reflection above bar

Wide above shot of empty bar with Kevin slumped over bar

Side shot of Kevin Sun adjusting rearview mirror in car