George E. Lewis's Selected Discography of Improvised Music

From the end of one of the assigned readings this week for Vijay Iyer's "Creative Music: Critical Practice Studio" class: a list of recommended listening by George E. Lewis, from "Improvised Music after 1950: Afrological and Eurological Perspectives" (available via JSTOR). Most of this music is foreign to me, although the artists and their situatedness via historical texts are more familiar to me, sad to say. I'm posting it up here partly to share for those who are like me and haven't explored this music, and also partly to keep myself accountable for checking it out once my thesis is in a week from today:

I posted about something similar a while back from the School of Improvised Music's webpage. It looks like their site's been nicely redesigned, and the recommendations are still available here.

* * * * *

In other news, my senior thesis, tentatively titled "Making the Hang: and Other Essays on Being a Young Improvisor," will be out of my hands after next Monday, which should hopefully mark a return to regular updates here and also a redoubled effort to check out new music, support art on campus, and get involved with the campus scene while I still have time. I've been considering posting excerpts from the thesis on this blog, but I'm still on the fence about it; securing an appropriate venue for personal work has become a topic I've been increasingly sensitive about, since nobody wants to be the fine artist showcasing wares on Tumblr (not that my writing is fine art or anything like that).